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John Borrack

School: Parade College

Year: 1950

Genre: Visual Arts

A master colourist predominantly in watercolour and gouache, John Borrack has described his art as “a celebration of the natural world and its wonders that are all around us”. He has been described as “something of a maverick, a man who has 
dedicated the last 50 years of his life to the pursuit
 of a pure, spiritual expression”.
 John and his wife, Gillian, have campaigned against the Plenty Valley
growth corridor. “It can be devastating to see the landscape I love disappear,” John, now in his late 70s, says of the spread of housing at Mernda, a setting that has inspired him since he first settled there as a boy and which he has painted since the mid-1950s. John has studied and painted in Australia, Europe and the United States. His major solo exhibitions have featured in most Australian galleries. He is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and has a Diploma Fine Arts (RMIT). His book, In Praise of Landscape: The Art of John Borrack, published by Macmillan Art Publishing, is available from November 9, 2012. Awarded the F.E. Richardson Prize for Watercolour by the Geelong Art Gallery. Awarded the Cato Prize for Watercolour (jointly with Len Annois), at the Victorian Artists’ Society Autumn Exhibition. Awarded the Norman Brothers Prize for watercolour at the Victorian Artists’ Society Spring Exhibition. National Gallery of Victoria purchases – Heavitree Gap, Alice Springs. Awarded Norman Brothers Prize at the Victorian Artists’ Society Exhibition.
Exhibits at the Australian Invitational Exhibition, Pittsburg Watercolor Society, West Moreland County Museum of Art, Greensburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

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