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The Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) is a strong and vibrant group of 13 Catholic Secondary Schools. With early competition commencing in 1911 and significant growth and change since those early days, there is a rich history of sport and activities that all member Colleges can be proud of. The Association caters for over 16,500 students across a wide range of events and activities, incorporating sport, music, the arts and student leadership.

The sporting program consists of weekly fixtured sport for all year levels, along with three major championships – athletics, swimming and cross country. There are also one day tournaments in lawn bowls, golf and chess, in addition to our extensive program of events encompassing debating, public speaking, music and leadership workshops, along with major events such as concerts and art & technology exhibitions.



The ACC is an incorporated association under the under the “Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012”. To view a copy of the ACC Constitution, please click HERE.