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2015 Sports Leadership Workshop

One hundred and thirty potential 2016 sporting leaders from the ACC member colleges attended the annual Leadership Workshop at Parade College in Bundoora this week. This workshop is a highlight on the ACC events calendar, as it enables the young leaders to come together and share experiences and gain important insights into what makes a strong and successful leader.

One of the themes was to challenge our future leaders to be comfortable being uncomfortable and throughout the various sessions, students were challenged with their thinking on leadership, understand values and behaviours that exhibit leadership and reflect on their current skillset and how they can grow and develop.

Returning once again were our guest presenters, Don Elgin and Richard Maloney, both of whom are highly experienced and engaging speakers as well as being generous with their time to guide our attendees. Don provided the audience with a unique insight into the challenges he has had to overcome on his journey to become an elite athlete. He shared his vast range of experiences with great humility and good humour incorporating a children’s puzzle into a lesson in leadership growth. Richard shared his experiences gained in working closely with elite sporting groups, focussing on developing leadership skills within a team setting. The focus on the warrior was a point that resonated strongly with our attendees.

The students also participated in a physical activities session, where they were teamed up with other students they had not met before to complete a set of sporting skill challenges. A basketball free throw blindfolded was an example where communication between the newly formed team was vital for a successful outcome. Rosie Welsford ran this session superbly with the students highly focussed, competitive, and working collaboratively.

The ACC wish to acknowledge the great support once again of staff and students from Parade College who assisted with venue set up, catering and guiding on the day.

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Don Elgin:

Richard Maloney:


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