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Yr 9 & 10 Finals Update

Year 10 Grand Finals

The Year 10 finals were held this afternoon in stunning Autumn weather. Congratulations to the following teams on their premiership victories:

Year 10 Division 1 Football
St Joseph’s 13.8.86 def St Bernard’s 8.10.58

SJC Yr 10 copy

Year 10 Division 2 Football
Emmanuel 14.8.92 def Salesian 1.2.8

IMG_0679 copy

Year 10 Soccer
St Bernard’s 4 def St Bede’s 2

SBE 10 soc

Year 9 Grand Finals

The final round of Year 9 sport was also held today and grand final places were locked away for next Tuesday’s big finale.

Year 9 Division 1 Football
St Bede’s v Whitefriars
St Bede’s College Oval

Year 9 Division 2 Football
Salesian v Parade (2)
Salesian College

Year 9 Soccer
Parade v St Bernard’s
Parade College – Bunjil Park

Best of luck to all teams involved in finals next week.

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