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The Term 1 Grand Finals were held on Wednesday 15/3/23 at various venues around Melbourne. There were a total of five premierships up for grabs.

St Bede’s and Whitefriars College took to the tennis courts at Melbourne Park. Whitefriars were able to secure the tennis premiership.

Mazenod College cleaned up in the volleyball winning both the Volleyball A & B premierships.

The T20 Cricket Division 1 had Mazenod College taking on Salesian College in a fantastic match with the game coming down to the last 7 balls. Salesian were able to get the win making it their 2nd senior cricket title in ACC history with their first being in 1971. T20 Division 2 saw St Mary’s College defeat St Bede’s to win the premiership.

Congratulations to all teams involved, and a particular thanks to our staff & referees who have done a superb job across the season.

T20 Division 1 Cricket: Salesian 7/99 Def. Mazenod 7/96
T20 Division 2 Cricket: St Mary’s 4/114 Def. St Bede’s 10/103
Tennis: Whitefriars 7 Sets 80 Games Def. St Bede’s 5 Sets 66 Games
Volleyball A: Mazenod 3 Sets 75 Points Def. Whitefriars 0 Sets 45 Points
Volleyball B: Mazenod 3 Sets 75 Points Def. Simonds 0 Sets 41 Points
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