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ACC Sports Leadership

Motivational speaker and inspirational personality, Don Elgin, entertained and enlightened a group of 154 Year 11 sports leaders at yesterday’s ACC Sports Leadership Workshop at Parade College. This annual event aims to develop the leadership skills and knowledge of those students fortunate enough to be selected to lead one of the many school sports teams in 2017 ACC competition. It is always a fantastic day, with attendees gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be an effective leader in ACC Sport.

Don has been engaged for this event over the past 7 years and always provides the young men in the audience with some thoughtful insights into sport, growing up, leadership and life in general. His positivity is infectious and the stories he shares are both humorous and informative. It is great working with Don and he is a valuable contributor to the leadership program. For further details on Don, visit his website:

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We also welcomed back Luke Wintle to the ACC, as he facilitated a leadership development workshop with several groups across the day. Luke has had a stellar sporting career and has an impressive professional resume to match. An outstanding cricketer, footballer and coach, Luke shared his insights and experiences and guided the groups through a series of questions around leadership strengths and weaknesses. His discussions around his involvement as a student and staff member at St Bede’s, as well as his work with elite sporting teams and organisations during his time working with Leading Teams, provided a wonderful link with ACC Sport.

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The students were also involved in a series of physical challenges, as well as small discussion groups which looked at leadership scenarios that they may face in the roles next year and into the future.

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A number of people assisted with the event and we are grateful for their contribution. Parade College has hosted this day for a number of years now and they always do a wonderful job. Their Director of Sport, Craig Seckold, is involved closely with the planning and set up and always does a superb job. ACC assistant, Rosie Welsford, plans and runs the physical activity session which is always an enjoyable experience for those attending.

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