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Junior Grand Finals

Yesterday was the big finale for Term 3 sport, with grand finals for basketball, hockey and table tennis taking place all around Melbourne. Congratulations to all students that participated and represented their respective schools so proudly. 

Congratulations to our Junior Premiers for 2019:


Year 8 Division 1A – WHITEFRIARS

Year 8 Division 1B – WHITEFRIARS

Year 8 Division 2C – WHITEFRIARS

Year 8 Division 2D – SALESIAN

Year 7 Division 1A – ST BEDE’S

Year 7 Division 1B – ST JOSEPH’S FTG

Year 7 Division 1C – ST BERNARD’S

Year 7 Division 1D – PARADE


Year 8 Division 1 – DE LA SALLE

Year 8 Division 2 – PARADE (PRESTON)

Year 7 Division 1 – ST BERNARD’S

Year 7 Division 2 – ST BERNARD’S


Year 8 Division 1 – MAZENOD

Year 8 Division 2 – MAZENOD

Year 7 Division 1 – PARADE

Year 7 Division 2 – PARADE

* If schools have a team photo of the premiers that are missing above please send them through to the ACC office.

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