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Assessment data analysis using elastik

Elastik analyses data from NAPLAN, PAT, Essential Assessment and  EOI/MOI assessments for English, Math’s, and Science. The data analysis supports teachers by pinpointing student learning gaps and actionable insights to focus their interventions.

Elastik is now home to the real-time, assessment marking and feedback tool, Writemark, to support teachers with English written skill analysis. 

Below is a selection of Catholic schools we are proud to partner with in Victoria. 

How does it work?

Elastik will ingest, analyse, and triangulate your NAPLAN, PAT, Essential Assessment and EOI/MOI data to provide detailed insights into student learning gaps and supports targeted teaching in Maths, English and Science.

To further support your targeted teaching, elastik uses formative assessments, mapped against the Australian & Victorian curriculum, to ensure consistency and familiarity for you and your students.

Writemark immediately identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses in writing. Assessed against the NAPLAN rubric for Narrative and/or Persuasive writing. 

Teachers are equipped with artificial intelligence to mark their students handwritten or digital responses in real-time. Mapped against the NAPLAN rubric, and soon to be Victorian curriculum, Writemark provides teachers with contextual feedback for each student according to each dimension of the rubric. 

We don’t know how long it takes you to mark one essay or a class of English exam papers, but we do know that Writemark can do all of these in the time it takes you to read the next point…

Pens and paper are not the enemy. There is value in manual marking but, in a digital world, Writemark offers you a tool that supports you with tasks that no longer need to be manual and AI marking and feedback maximises the connection between you, your student and their learning. 

Supporting your school

To celebrate our partnership with the ACC for another year, we are delighted to put together an exclusive package. We’re working with Paul to bring you some new and exciting offers for the rest of this year. 

First things first, we don’t want you to ditch your current data analysis tools.

We appreciate that there are great products and software being used throughout ACC member schools which is contributing to improved outcomes for students as well as improving working conditions for teachers, by reducing their administrative burdens.     

To accommodate your current obligations but also give you a glimpse of what elastik products can do for you, we’re extending a special “Partnership Offer” to *EVERY ACC school* for term 2 and 3 for FREE. Here’s what this offer includes:

Contact Details
Damien Brooks – Head of Customer Success (former ACC teacher)