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At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings, but we know it doesn’t end there. We support our educators to continually grow.  We work with our partner schools to learn their unique requirements so that we can keep our promise to place the right teacher, in the right classroom every time.

Why is this so important to us? Because we know that when one exceptional educator is placed in a classroom, 30 children get a great educational experience that day. And when we place two educators, then 60 kids will have a great learning experience, and so with three educators, 90 children will have a great day that day. Keeping children learning with uninterrupted days of lessons is our mission, our passion and our raison d’être.

Developing open and meaningful relationships is at the forefront of all we do.  That’s how we’re able to provide exceptional career opportunities for educators and a valuable service for our partner organisations, time after time.

Next time you need a position filled, whether a short-term casual relief role or an ongoing permanent contract role, look no further than anzuk.

Anne Wright
National Head of Schools Temp Division
t. 03 9965 8768