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Acknowledging Our Sport Officials

Officials in sport pay a crucial role at every level of competition. From junior sport right through to international level, umpires and referees keep the game moving along and ensure that all participants abide by the rules.

In ACC Sport, we have a large number of officials involved and they do an excellent job for us. It is great to acknowledge their work and the important part that they play in the success of our sporting program. This week, we had a full umpiring panel for the Yr 10 football grand final in Geelong, where a number of young St Joseph’s College students donned the “flouro” to help officiate the boundary and goals. They did a terrific job supporting our field umpires provided by School Sports Officials and helped create a showpiece final for the St Joseph’s and St Bede’s players.

Officiating is a great opportunity to get involved, to keep fit and to earn a few dollars. Choose your sport and give it a go!

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