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The record breaking continued from where it left off at the 2019 Swimming Championships.

The 2020 event saw 5 records broken across the evening of competition.
Congratulations to all the boys on their fantastic achievements.

The following are the records with a link to the YouTube clip of the record breaking moments.

Event 55
U/17 50m Breaststroke – Finley Cousins, St Bede’s, 31.49s

(Former record holder – B.Munroe, Whitefriars, 2002, 31.86s)

Event 63
U/14 50m Butterfly – Ryo Hayashi, De La Salle, 28.48s

(Former record holder – J.Snyder, St Joseph’s Geelong, 2004, 28.79s)

Event 71
Open 50m Butterfly – Jayden Carr, Parade, 26.18s

(Former Record Holder – F.McMahon, Parade, 2019, 26.67s)

Event 79
U/14 50m Backstroke – Ryo Hayashi, De La Salle, 30.65s

(Former Record Holder – N.Tran, Whitefriars, 2016, 31.36s)

Event 99
U/14 4X50m Freestyle Relay – Kye McSweeney, Samuel Scodella, James Smith, Nicholas Page, St Bernard’s, 1m55.99s

(Former Record Holder – Whitefriars, 2014, 1m57.33s)

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