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2019 – Final Aggregate Award Winners

The final results for 2019 have been entered and confirmed, the ladders have also been finalised. Last thing to do in ACC Sport for the 2019 season is to announce our junior and intermediate aggregate award winners.

We would like to congratulate the following schools for winning the 2019 aggregate awards:

  • Year 10 Division 1 – St Bede’s College
  • Year 10 Division 2 – Emmanuel College
  • Year 9 – St Bede’s College
  • Year 8 Division 1 – Parade College
  • Year 8 Division 2 – Emmanuel College
  • Year 7 – Parade College

This concludes the 2019 ACC season.

The links below will provide the full breakdown of points for the season:

Term 4 Final Rankings

2019 Aggregate Award Details (All year levels)

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